Management and Marketing Inc.

When you absolutely, positively want to increase margins, cash flow, and develop more wealth in your pharmacy business.


                The Government, Insurance Companies & Big Pharma

                               Are  Slaughtering  Traditional   Pharmacies--

                                                 You, On the Other Hand,

                                            Can Become Very Profitable


2013 is a crucial year for community pharmacies. Third-party compensation plans are decimating your margins, aren't they? And CASH FLOW is now poorer than it has ever been. The future looks bleak... unless you adopt a system for making money in ways that third-party payers cannot touch. Along the way, you need to embrace one central thought: to re-ignite cash flow you need to build on 4 pillars-- and traditional scripts is NOT one of them.

Years ago, filling traditional scripts automatically created success. No more! 


    Our SYSTEM seamlessly integrates the right strategies with the right marketing. Marketing that gets immediate and measurable results. 


  • Drive dozens of new patients into your store every week to purchase your most profitable products and service, & all at full price (50% to 60% profit).
  • Provide you with additional marketing that further explodes sales of other highly profitable products & services  adds as much as $8,000 per month.
  • Deliver coaching and advice that enables you to solve every problem, concern, and issue you face. We also help you to take advantage of profit opportunities that lie hidden in your pharmacy business.
  • Create a series of money making strategies that integrate your marketing, management, and leadership so that your pharmacy runs like a well oiled machine.
  • Help you increase your compounding business by as much as $100,000 in the very first year. Not a compounder yet? We'll show you how.
  • Help you systematically develop a fee- for-expertise profit stream with an absolute 100% profit margin .
  • Enable you to achieve a 64% to 68% average margin on your new income streams.
  • Help you create your strategic plan that identifies the future you want in ways that enable you to achieve it.

So,  in spite of government interventions, insurance payments, and big pharma you can increase the number of patients you get each week— ones who seek to buy your high margin products and services.

Also, what if you could discover how to build an organization that will run your business for you (not visa versa) so that you had less stress— and worked fewer hours?

It's all possible, but it starts with a… PHARMACY MARKETING REVOLUTION!

Today, It's Not What You Know About Pharmacy That Counts, It's What You Need to Know About Business-- and That Makes a World of Difference.

Marketing is not something you do only when you have time for it... or just when you suddenly need more business.

Marketing is the heart and soul of your business. It is the one true engine for growth and profitability—especially now!

Marketing is the engine that drives the vehicle, that produces the results you want… but only if it is great marketing: direct-response marketing— marketing that gets immediate and measurable results-- results you can take to the bank. That’s the kind of marketing we produce.

Why Your Pharmacy Must Grow New CASH FLOW Streams in Order to Make It More Profitable For You

As you know, all of your overhead is fixed. And so are most of your operating expenses. Therefore, any reduction in volume seriously affects your bottom-line. However, if you increase your sales, those overhead and operating expenses remain the same in the short-run and you fatten your bottom-line. The key is increasing cash sales at high margins. That's what we deliver to you, guaranteed.

Our "7 SECRETS to Re-igniting CASH FLOW in Your Pharmacy" Program

If you'd like to get the answer to every possible question, concern, or issue that you may have and you want to skyrocket your profits and cash flow as never before, Lester's 7 SECRETS to Re-Igniting CASH FLOW in Your Pharmacy Program marketing/pharmacy consulting program is the finest, most comprehensive approach to solving all your business problems. Yes, all of them. It combines all of the strategies and marketing you'll ever need, with invaluable total business solutions you get from personal consultations with Lester Nathan himself.